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Starbond Pump Sprayer Accelerator

Super Glue Accelerator

Speed up the drying time. Less Wait, More Results

No More Whitening

Slightly slower drying formula prevents whitening and minimizes brittleness

Form A Quick Strong Bond

Spray accelerator on one surface, glue on the other surface, and press together and hold for a few seconds

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    2 oz. Pump Sprayer Accelerator
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    8 oz. Pump Sprayer Accelerator

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      16 oz. Refill Bottle Accelerator
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    Product features

    • SUPER GLUE ACCELERATOR - SPEED UP THE BONDING TIME: No more waiting! Cures CA glue in seconds.

    • NO MORE WHITENING: When superglues dry too fast, you'll end up with whitening or "hazing" of the bonding surface. Our specially formulated CA accelerator is made to dry slightly slower than other accelerators on the market to prevent this effect.

      16 ounce refill bottle includes: (1) 2 ounce pump sprayer bottle, (1) Extra pump sprayer

    Product description

    Starbond Super Glue Accelerator, also known as CA glue "activator," is used to significantly speed up the drying time of cyanoacrylate super glues. The CA glue accelerator is a solvent based product that can be applied before and/or after CA glue application. Starbond Super Glue Accelerator is commonly paired with thicker viscosity CA glues and black CA glue, as these adhesives take longer to dry. In addition, Starbond Super Glue Accelerator is useful when priming uneven surfaces or material combinations that are harder to bond, and in colder, drier environments where curing time may be delayed. Starbond Super Glue Accelerator comes in pump sprayer and aerosol form.

    WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including N,N-Dimethyl-p-Toluidine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

    • Used to cure the CA that flows from joints that are being pressed together, greatly enhancing the joints strength
    • When using higher volumes of CA during gap filling applications, bonding time may take much longer, so Accelerator is highly recommended

      Customer Reviews

      Customer Reviews(9)

      Best there is!
      The Starbond system products are da bomb! The superglue (esp the black) is my go-to for filling and highlighting (don't even try to hide them) cracks in the wood I'm turning. I often quick-set it with the accelerator - no more whiting, just dries as expected and continue turning!!!!
      Review by Preston / (Posted on 1/6/2020)
      Makes quick work!
      The accelerator makes quick work of the drying process which saves time all around. Great product!!
      Review by Twisted Twine Woodworking / (Posted on 12/31/2019)
      This product works as advertised!! So fast to cure the ca glue. This let's me keep the project moving forward so that I don't have to wait on dry time.
      Review by My Honey's Handmade / (Posted on 11/25/2019)
      Wow is all I can say
      How many times have you tried to hold a piece together until the glue dried only to find out you glued your finger to the repair? Well this accelerator solves the problem of holding a piece perfectly still until it dries because it makes the glue dry pretty much on the spot. Once you use it you won’t go back to the old way.
      Review by Sawdustanddirt / (Posted on 11/20/2019)
      Pump up the jam
      Pump it up! Ok, now that I’ve got a 90’s song stuck in your head; this stuff is pretty good. Almost necessary for the CA Black medium and will help instantly set just about anything you’re using CA glue for. If you ain’t got time for it to cure and you’ve got to pinch a piece together and spray it’ll set almost immediately. A word of caution, the bottle doesn’t like to be tipped, at all, it may leak a bit; otherwise, excellent product!
      Review by Vanluik_Knifeworks / (Posted on 11/18/2019)
      Beyond my expectations
      Greatest CA I have used to this day. Helped me a lot with my rings inlay. Now I can pour nice amount of glued and with help of acceleratlor I dont have to wait and worry about clarity. Super clear and super viscous.
      I am using it with wood, with stone inlays, glow powders, regular and damascus metal. Super strong and super durable. Apsolutely best product I have used
      Review by vladan_varenica / (Posted on 11/15/2019)
      Use it for stone inlay
      I make wood products with lots of stone inlay..and by far starbonds accelerator is the best. I use the thin ca with the accelerator and get perfect results. Thanks starbond fkr being such a perfect product and having phenomenal customer service.
      Review by Jeremiah / (Posted on 10/25/2019)
      Best out there and I have tried them all trust me. Starbond is hidden gem and now I will be getting all the options from here only.
      It truly is a stellar product and I can’t wait to show it off and how good it works especially for wood work and intricate metal bonding to my YouTube channel, I will forever recommend starbond and honestly they are the best price you can get and the formulas are always consistently what you expect. I hate when other products work great one tube and the next is a pain in the hide that causes issues.
      Review by Grimshawzz / (Posted on 10/15/2019)
      Review by HULA WORLD / (Posted on 7/7/2019)


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