Choosing the Right Super Glue for Different Aplications

When it comes to any type of repair, super glue is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Super glue can fix practically anything when applied correctly. It is compatible with wood, metal, rubber, leather, ceramic, gemstone, rock & mineral, carbon fiber, fiberglass, PVC, and most plastics. Super glue comes from a family of instant adhesives and is the reason for its popularity. When you want something repaired at an instant, super glue is definitely the way to go. But there are so many different kinds of super glues out there. Which one do you choose?

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Starbond is a premium instant adhesive company that sells high quality super glues. We carry one of the widest selections of super glues of different viscosities, colors, and sizes. All our premium super glues dry instantly and dry clear. Starbond also guarantees a 30-month shelf life when stored in a refrigerator, freezer, or under 40°F. The technology in our unique semi-flexible formula has been perfected in Japan for over 45 years. Our company goes to great lengths to make sure our customers get the most up-to-date and highest quality glues.

In this article, we will give you a quick rundown of our thin, medium, and thick super glues. This will give you a general idea on which glue you want to use for your specific projects and repairs.

Starbond “Super Fast Thin” EM-02 CA Glue

Compatible with wood, fossils and cracked stones

This thin cyanoacrylate glue has a bonding time of 2-3 seconds. Water-like consistency that is used for inlaying, wicking, finishing, and penetrating hairline cracks. This water-thin adhesive will immediately soak into a soft, porous object until it is fully saturated with the super glue. This particular super glue penetrates and stabilizes the material through capillary action. Heavily used in woodturning and infiltrating.

ca glue


Starbond “Multi-Purpose Medium” EM-150 Super Glue

Compatible with wood, gemstones, and rubber

This medium super glue has a bonding time of 10-20 seconds. Oil-like consistency that is used for bonding closely-fitted parts, filling small gaps, and penetrating narrow slots. Generally used in lapidary, hobby, arts & crafts, and quick home repairs. Also used as a finish by applying several coats, sanding, and then polishing to a high gloss. Greatly used in the gemstone industry.

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Starbond “Gap Filler Thick” EM-2000 Super Glue

Compatible with wood, stone, ceramic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber

This thick super glue has a bonding time of 60 seconds. Honey-like consistency that is used for filling large gaps and voids. Each drop of this super glue remains stationary even when applied on downward slopping surfaces. Specially formulated to have an extended curing time to provide longer positioning time. Starbond Accelerator is highly recommended to speed up the curing time. Ideal for heavy-duty bonding.

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