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BR-150 Starbond Brown Medium CA Glue

Dries Light Brown

Dries a light brown/amber color

Easy Flow Formula

Great for bonding close-fitting parts

Fill Cracks in Dark Wood

Highlight and hide imperfections in ebony, spalted wood and burl

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    16 oz. Brown Medium (Bulk Size)

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    Product features

    • PREMIUM CYANOACRYLATE SUPER GLUE - LAB TESTED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: High performance industrial grade adhesive. This Medium Brown CA dries light amber in color, eliminating the need to use sawdust with CA glue.

      2 ounce includes: (2) applicator caps, (1) clog-free stopper, and a bag of micro-tips for precision.
      16 ounce includes: (1) Easy dispensing yorker spout, (3) empty 2 ounce bottles, (4) applicator caps, (1) clog-free stopper, and a bag of micro-tips for precision.

    • STRONG "BROWN MULTI-PURPOSE" ADHESIVE: Ideal for accenting spalted wood, penetrating narrow slots, bonding closely-fitted parts, and filling small gaps in woodworking.

    • PROPERTIES: Viscosity: 150 cPs (meaning the thickness of the liquid is similar to that of motor oil). Penetrating abilities of up to 0.006" in size. Bonding time: 10-15 seconds.

    • SUPERIOR SHELF LIFE: When well kept, our product can last several years in a cold environment. Just make sure to store the bottle under 40°F before AND after use to QUALIFY FOR OUR 20 month shelf life warranty. If product does not last, we will replace that bottle free of charge.

    Product description

    Starbond BR-150 Brown Medium CA glue is an ethyl cyanoacrylate brown tinted super glue. This brown CA adhesive is an excellent all-around adhesive that carries the ability to penetrate narrow slots, bond closely-fitted parts, and fill small gaps. It is a general purpose adhesive that dries light amber in color, eliminating the need to use sawdust with CA glue for filling voids. Therefore, pairing with light-colored wood is recommended. Starbond BR-150 Brown Medium CA glue is used for inlays, repairing cracks in wood, and as a high gloss finish.

    Used In:

    • Accenting designs on spalted wood
    • Blending into similarly colored surfaces
    • Repairing and filling cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood
    • Gluing and repairing guitar inlays on the headstock, body, and fretboard

    Compatible With:

    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Rubber
    • Leather
    • Ceramics
    • Gem stones
    • Rocks & Minerals
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Fiberglass
    • Most Plastics

    Available in 2 ounce, 16 ounce, and 44 lb. (20kg)

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews(4)

    Fabulous product. When used with the accelerator it dries almost immediately and is great for filling small cracks and holes. I prefer this over epoxy on small and even medium size cracks and voids.
    Review by Bobby / (Posted on 11/25/2019)
    Very pleasantly surprised and will order again!
    I originally purchased the brown glue with my order of the jet black glue to see how I liked it. While the black glue dries pure black, the brown glue seems to dry semi-transparent which at first I wasn’t sure how I liked it but I now know I think it looks so cool! It gives my cutting boards/other projects a different look that I like in different situations than when I would otherwise use the black glue. I’ll definitely be ordering again once my bottle is empty!
    Review by @42ndparallelwoodworking / (Posted on 11/25/2019)
    Used this on a couple of small knots and it worked fantastic. Blended in well with the wood. Huge fan of Starbond.
    Review by Michelle / (Posted on 11/18/2019)
    Great product! Love it for woodworking.
    I use this to fill voids and cracks in my woodworking. I like that the color works with many different wood species and I can be back working in seconds with the accelerator.
    Review by Trevor / (Posted on 11/14/2019)


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