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High Gloss Finish

Starbond Super Fast Thin CA

Apply thin coats of CA for beautiful high gloss finishes!

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Starbond Medium CA

Apply slightly thicker coats of CA to build layers faster!

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Starbond Accelerator

Less Time, More Results. Speed up the drying time.

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The Perfect CA Finish on a Maple Bolt Action pen
Friday ,June 8,2018 12:29:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

There is no exact recipe for applying a CA finish.Talk to 20 different turners and you'll get 20 different answers on how to lay.

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Apply a Finish to Wood Turned Bowls with CA Glue
Friday ,January 5,2018 2:50:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

Here's a guide to show you how to use thin ca glue as a finish for your wooden bowl to get it nice and shiny.

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Beginner CA Glue Problems and Solutions Explained Here -Part 1
Thursday ,August 2,2018 02:26:59 PM America/Los Angeles

Originally,CA glues were meant to be used in small amounts.Cyanoacrylate glues actually and perceivably perform better when less are applied.

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