Starbond Pump Sprayer Accelerator

Pump Sprayer Accelerator

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    2 oz. Pump Sprayer Accelerator
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The Accelerator is a solvent based product that can be applied before and/or after CA application to significantly increase the cure speed. An accelerator is recommended for use with thicker adhesives, colored adhesives, and when larger volumes of adhesives are applied. In addition, an accelerator can be useful for uneven surfaces or material combinations that are harder to bond. It is especially beneficial to use in colder and drier environments where bonding time is delayed. The Accelerator comes in pump spray or aerosol form.

  • • Used to cure the CA that flows from joints that are being pressed together, greatly enhancing the joints strength
  • • When using higher volumes of CA during gap filling applications, bonding time may take much longer, so Accelerator is highly recommended.


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