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KE-150 Starbond Black Medium CA Glue

Dries Jet Black

Dries jet black and polishes to a high gloss finish

High Impact Rubber Toughened Formula

Great for bonding RC car tires

Fill Cracks in Dark Wood

Highlight and hide imperfections in ebony, spalted wood and burl

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  • 1 oz. Black Medium - $10.00
    1 oz. Black Medium
    Includes 4 microtips, 1 clog-free                            stopper | $10.00/ounce
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    FREE Shipping

  • 2 oz. Black Medium - $13.50
    2 oz. Black Medium
    Includes 8 microtips, 2 applicator caps, 1 clog-free stopper | $6.75/ounce
    free shipping

    FREE Shipping

  • 16 oz. Black Medium (Bulk Size) - $65.00
    16 oz. Black Medium (Bulk Size)
    Includes 50 microtips, 4 applicator caps, 4 empty two ounce bottles, 1 easy dispensing yorker spout, 1 clog-free stopper | $4.06/ounce
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Product features

  • PREMIUM CYANOACRYLATE SUPER GLUE - LAB TESTED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: High performance industrial grade adhesive. Black Medium CA is used to penetrate narrow slots, bond closely-fitted parts, quick repairs on black surfaces, and for turquoise inlays.

    1 ounce includes: (1) clog-free stopper, and (4) micro-tips for precision.
    2 ounce includes: (2) applicator caps, (1) clog-free stopper, and (8) micro-tips for precision.
    16 ounce includes: (1) Easy dispensing yorker spout, (3) empty 2 ounce bottles, (4) applicator caps, (1) clog-free stopper, and a bag of micro-tips for precision.

  • STRONG "ACCENTING" ADHESIVE: ideal for hiding imperfections, filling dark voids, and accenting specific areas in your projects.

  • PROPERTIES: Viscosity: 150 cPs (meaning the thickness of the liquid is similar to that of motor oil). Penetrating abilities of up to 0.006" in size. Bonding time: 30-60 seconds.

  • SUPERIOR SHELF LIFE: When well kept, our product can last several years in a cold environment. Just make sure to store the bottle under 40°F before AND after use to QUALIFY FOR OUR 20 month shelf life warranty. If product does not last, we will replace that bottle free of charge.

Product description

Starbond KE-150 Black Medium CA glue is a rubber-toughened, medium super glue that dries jet black in color. The black superglue is ideal for hiding imperfections, filling dark voids, and accenting specific areas in your projects. Starbond KE-150 Black Medium CA glue can also penetrate narrow slots, bond closely-fitted parts, quickly repair material, and be sanded down and polished to a high gloss finish. Starbond KE-150 Black Medium CA glue is commonly used in hobby for RC car tires, woodturning for inlays and spalted wood.

It is important to keep in mind that the colored CAs have an extended bonding time due to the added rubber compound. Although bonding time is generally 30-60 seconds, it can take much longer to dry when larger volumes of the adhesive is applied. For these instances, use of Starbond Accelerator is highly recommended.

WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black and Methyl isobutyl ketone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Used In:

  • Accenting designs on spalted wood
  • Blending into similarly colored surfaces
  • Speaker manufacturing, bonding top plate to frame
  • Gluing and repairing guitar inlays on the headstock, body, and fretboard
  • Repairing and filling cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood

Compatible With:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Ceramics
  • Gemstones
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Most Plastics

Available in 2 ounce, 16 ounce, and 44 lb. (20kg)

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews(13)

Woodworking must have !
Great product to fill small voids in black walnut and it looks natural! Beats trying to fill with wood putty and with the accelerator it’s a quick fix and then you can keep working in a matter of minutes
Review by DC / (Posted on 1/12/2020)
Really great alternative to epoxy for small cracks/voids
I do a lot of epoxy and wood work. Usually I use a deep pour epoxy to make a board. After planing/sanding, there are voids and cracks left. I usually use a quick set epoxy to fill these. After these are all sanded and chamfers added, there will STILL be tiny voids. This is where Starbond is my favorite! I use the colored CA glue and accelerant to finish it off. Without Starbond, I’d be stuck in a cyclical mess! Thanks Starbond!
Review by Time saver!! / (Posted on 1/9/2020)
Quality Product
I typically work with old oak with a lot of cracks and knots. The starbond medium has been perfect to stabilize those voids in order to create great projects.
Review by Twisted Twine Woodworking / (Posted on 12/31/2019)
I’ve tried this product and have really enjoyed my experience! If you are looking for the best ca glue on the market, this is the stuff.
Review by Revival Designs / (Posted on 12/30/2019)
Great for filling knots and voids in stained projects
We used this black CA glue to fill in voids and knots on numerous projects and it works great! Just fill in the void, spray some accelerator and within a minute it’s ready to sand and finish. I’ll definitely be a regular buyer from now on
Review by @precisionwoodcraftplus / (Posted on 12/27/2019)
Jack of trades
I’m rather impressed with this product, specifically the black CA glue. I was definitely skeptical and apprehensive to use CA glue on a wood project, for whatever reason it just felt like cheating. Mostly because I had only ever used CA products on patch jobs, broken plastic and whatnot. But the formula blew me away.
It’s now a regular go to in my shop for filling small cracks in weathered tool handles, gaps in stabilized burl on knife scales, fill in the blanks, this stuff is the SHI** Such a great product, and I’m excited to add it to my arsenal.
Added bonus with the extra cap and fine tips, life saver when you forget to cap it off after use.
I’m a believer.
get after it.
Review by Namasteandsteel / (Posted on 12/22/2019)
Spalted and split? This is perfect
I stabilize a lot of wood and I have found this to be perfect for fixing small cracks in wood. If the wood is spalted, even better, it hides in plane sight. It definitely needs the accelerator, in my opinion.
Review by Vanluik_Knifeworks / (Posted on 11/18/2019)
Great Product
This is the best gap filler and CA glue I have ever used. Wait time is next to nothing before you can get back to work after using it. The extra supplies that comes with it makes using it even easier.
Review by Somers_custom_wood / (Posted on 11/15/2019)
Great product
Really pleased with this CA glue. I do mostly woodturning and this is perfect for filling cracks. Fill it, let dry and sand, and the microtips allow you to get into the tiniest spaces. Couldn't be happier.
Review by Jason / (Posted on 11/13/2019)
Perfect accent color
The black CA glue is a great way to add a contrasting color to a piece. If you have a crack or void, and some black accent works, use it!
Review by @fergusonwoodcraft / (Posted on 11/13/2019)
Superior Defect Filler
The new black product is fantastic for filling voids. It is strong and finishes perfectly. I love the color contrast it gives to most projects.
Review by Lew / (Posted on 11/13/2019)
We absolutely love this glue! It works great for filling knots quickly and being able to sand right after using the accelerator! It also works great for filling holes in epoxy holes so you don’t have to mix more epoxy, tint it and wait for it to cure before sanding!
Review by L&S Customs / (Posted on 11/13/2019)
Great and easy
Review by Hammytacky / (Posted on 1/23/2019)


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