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KE-150 Starbond Black Medium CA Glue

KE-150 Starbond Black Medium CA Glue

Product Review (submitted on December 22, 2019):
I’m rather impressed with this product, specifically the black CA glue. I was definitely skeptical and apprehensive to use CA glue on a wood project, for whatever reason it just felt like cheating. Mostly because I had only ever used CA products on patch jobs, broken plastic and whatnot. But the formula blew me away.
It’s now a regular go to in my shop for filling small cracks in weathered tool handles, gaps in stabilized burl on knife scales, fill in the blanks, this stuff is the SHI** Such a great product, and I’m excited to add it to my arsenal.
Added bonus with the extra cap and fine tips, life saver when you forget to cap it off after use.
I’m a believer.
get after it.