Monthly Archives: December 2017

  1. Make Wall Art with Super Glue

    wall art

    You have created a beautiful picture and is now time to display it. Use superglue to help you create vinyl decal into canvas art you can hang on your wall.

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  2. Repairing Acoustic Guitars with Superglue

    guitar repair

    You had your guitar for a long time but you have have notice a change in the sound when you play your guitar. Something has cracked or your fret lifted and there's a scratch. No need to spend more money on a new guitar or getting it professionally repair, all you need is medium viscosity super glue.

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  3. Choosing Superglue for 3D Printer Parts

    A guide on how to glue 3D parts with odorless superglue while also learning the basics of the glue compatibility in the materials for 3D Printing.

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  4. Knife Making Tutorial with High Gloss Finish

    cyanoacrylate adhesive

    Long hours have been put in to that custom knife, add some shine to it following this guide with thin viscosity super glue.

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  5. Make Wine Cork Coasters with Super Glue

    strong adhesive

    Everyone enjoys a nice glass of wine during that special occasion.Make a wine cork coaster with this guide using thick super glue.

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  6. Make Beautiful Magnetic Photo Art Creations with Super Glue


    We all have that photo or painting that we are proud of, now turn that masterpiece into a decorative magnetic piece of art with medium viscosity super glue.

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  7. Pen Turning Finish with CA Glue

    A guide to help you put that perfect finish on your custom wooden pen with thin ca glue.

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  8. Super Glue R/C Car Tires

    rc car tires

    Here is an easy guide to help you keep your rc car tires tight and sturdy using a medium viscosity super glue.

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  9. Inlay Metal Powder in Wood Using Super Glue

    inlay metal powder

    Add some color to your beautiful masterpiece following this easy guide with thin ca glue.

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  10. CA Glue for Shoe Repair

    shoe repair

    Shoes can be an expensive purchase. Here's a easy way to repair those shoes you spend your hard earned money in using flexible super glue.

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