Monthly Archives: January 2018

  1. Repairing RC Boats with Superglue

    rc boats

    Remote control boats is a great hobby. Building your own boat and seeing it go out on the water can be a wonderful moment. Simply just buying one and racing it around the lake is a lot of fun. But things break off and ware and tear starts to happen, that is when Starbond Super Glue comes in handy.

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  2. The Different Uses of Brown CA Glue

    You can apply Starbond Brown CA Glue in many situations when dealing with wooden projects. This blog will show you just some of the ways you can use this ca.

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  3. CA Glue for Ballet Pointe Shoes

    ballet shoes

    Ballet dancers know that their shoes can get worn out pretty fast. These ballet shoes don't come cheap either and this is why having super glue at all times is a good idea.

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  4. Repairing RC Helicopters with Superglue

    rc helicopters

    Remote control helicopters can be a lot of fun but there is always a risk. An accident can happen and things can get broken. No need to worry though you can fix anything wrong with your helicopter by simply using Starbond super glue.

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  5. Why CA Glue is Essential to Woodturning


    CA glue can do so many things that it can come in handy during woodturning. From bonding to finish there is many ways you can use super glue.

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  6. Using Black CA Glue on Spalted Wood

    wood glue

    Use black ca glue when working on spalted wood. No need to worry about the color black ca blends in well with the wood.

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  7. Why Use CA Glue for Shoe Repair?

    shoe repair

    So you've worn your shoes over and over and now they are worn out. No need to throw them away with super glue you can easily repair them.

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  8. CA Glue for Archery Inserts

    archery inserts

    Use flexible CA glue for your arrow inserts. Arrows need to be flexible which makes this glues perfect for this due to it's flexible feature and long lasting capability.

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  9. Glue Brass Tubes into Pen Blanks with CA Glue

    pen blanks

    Let's show you how to glue in brass tubes in pen blanks using medium CA glue. Just follow this easy guide and you should be able to do it straight from your home.

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  10. Super Glue in bowling

    bowling ball inserts

    Bowlers know bowling balls can sometimes slip from their hands and that is biggest the holes are too big. Don't waste time and money by going to a professional to apply your bowling inserts. With the help of super glue you can easily apply them yourself.

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