Monthly Archives: January 2018

  1. Benefits of CA Glue in Lapidary


    In order to get the best result one must use the best materials when creating their work of art. CA glue is use in lapidary so why not use the best super glue in the market.

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  2. The Importance of Using Flexible CA in Pen Making

    pen turning

    Flexible CA Glue can be a great tool when you're doing pen turning. Flexible super glue allows you to controls the glue easily and this blog will tell you the importance of having a flexible glue at hand.

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  3. Gem Dopping with CA Glue

    gemstone lapidary

    Find out how CA glue can be use for dopping your favorite gems with this quick blog/how to tutorial.

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  4. Fixing Your Household Items with Super Glue

    cyanoacrylate adhesive

    Accidents happen around the house,maybe you were cleaning and something fell or a family misplaced something. Maybe it was your favorite vase or your family potrait. No need to panic and throw away all those pieces, you can easily put the back together using CA glue.

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  5. Applications of Starbond Medium CA Glue

    cyanoacrylate adhesive

    It is always recommended to have a bottle of Starbond Multi-Purpose CA Glue because you never know when it can come in handy. This glue can be use in a variety of ways and most conveniently it can help you fix most household items.

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  6. Repair Piano Tuning Pins with Super Glue

    piano tuning pins

    Over time your piano's sound will start to change which means it needs some tuning repair. No need to worry you can easily fixed this by following this guide and using super glue.

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  7. Applications of Thin CA Glue

    cyanoacrylate glue

    Starbond Thin Ca Glue is a water like super glue and can come in handy for many different uses. Here's a quick blog showing you just some of the things this thin super glue can do.

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  8. Apply a CA Glue Finish to Wood Turned Bowls

    Here's a guide to show you how to use <>thin ca glue as a finish for your wooden bowl to get it nice and shiny.

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  9. The Ultimate Handbook on Superglue

    Get to know what exactly is super glue and how it works. Learn about Starbond and the different types of super glues and accelerators that are available to you.

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  10. How to Use Starbond Super Glue Accelerator

    super glue accelerator

    No need to wait for your glue to cure use Starbond Accelerator to speed up the process.

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