There is no exact recipe for applying a CA finish. Talk to 20 different turners and you’ll get 20 different answers on how to lay down the perfect CA finish for your pens. The following is how I use CA glue as a finish for my pens. Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue usually comes in a few different forms. I typically use thin CA as a basecoat, especially for wood pens. Thin CA allows the glue to soak into the grain of the wood. After several coats of thin CA glue, I usually step up to medium CA glue to build up the finish. I reserve thick CA glue for filling gaps in wood pens. For this project, I chose to use a bright and figured piece of maple paired with a bolt-action pen kit. The light color of the wood compliments the gunmetal finish of the hardware. This tutorial will explain how I got a smooth and shiny finish on the pen!

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