Best Uses of Super Glue

Cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as super glue, bond very fast and bond to an array of substrates. Super glues form very strong bonds and dry clear. The surfaces that are to be mated ought to properly fit together in order to achieve excellent bonding. Super glue can be purchased in various viscosities that allow for some leeway in the gap filling performance. Super glue is recommended for glass, leather, ceramic, metal, wood and even certain plastics that have a very tight bond line.

wood glue

Best Uses of Super Glue

Super glue is versatile because of its chemistry, it can work with any surface that contains moisture. Cyanoacrylate's monomers are very responsive to water thus clamp together to form polymers and adhere objects together.

The following are some of the best uses of super glue:

Temporary Wood Mounts

It can be a daunting task to attempt mounting 2 or more pieces of wood together. Super glue is a strong adhesive that can help in doing this. When applied, the strong adhesive works quickly but temporary allows the user a free range of motion so that he/she can screw, nail or fix the wood boards together. However, it should be noted that it is not a long-lasting wood adhesive, this allows for later deconstruction if needed.

Stopping Runs or Pulls

Super glue can be used to stop pulls in sweaters and runs in nylons. This is partly because of the convenient size of its tube. Dab a little super glue at the start point of the pull or run, the nylon fibers get sealed and will no longer run. Super glue will hold on the fibers until the damage can be fixed.

Preservation of Snowflakes

Super glue polymers are activated when in contact with water or moisture. This is why it can be used to preserve snowflakes thus preventing them from melting. It is because of this that super glue is applied in scientific researches that involve the composition of snowflakes.

Auto Maintenance

Super glue is the ideal strong adhesive to have in the glove compartment because it can assist in numerous car repairs that are of minor nature. In fact, it can be used in sealing ripped vinyl upholstery, loose rear-view mirrors, disconnected side mirrors and cracked tail lights.

Emergency Kit

Super glue is an intricate part of any emergency kit. It does not occupy much space but can be of great help with regard to performing first aid to an injured person. The adhesive can be safely applied over blisters to function as a buffer thus preventing further irritation. Furthermore, super glue can be utilized to quickly suture wounds. The skin around the cut is squeezed before applying super glue to its top. This quickly seals the wound without much fuss. Once the super glue is completely dried the wound should be covered using a clean gauze bandage.

Super glue glue can be used for many more applications, the ones above are just part of a long list.


It is good to adhere to the recommended safety tips when using super glue in various applications. These tips include selecting a well-ventilated area, opening the container with care,wearing gloves, avoiding wool and cotton in close proximity etc.