How Can CA Glue Applicators Be Useful?

Pen turning and woodturning are finely honed crafts that one should venture into with time and patience. Creativity will go a long way as well. Pen turning is the craft of making pens from sourced and raw materials. Pen turning supplies would typically consist of a mini lathe, chisels specifically designed for pens, a sharpening system, barrel trimmer, band saw, pen press and a drill presses. Wood turning is very similar to pen turning in that it begins with a piece of raw wood but it can be shaped into a ton of different designs from bowls to decorative pieces and more. Wood turning supplies would be parallel to the pen making supplies but perhaps on a larger scale depending on the item being crafted. For example, a wood chisel with stronger tips and larger area versus a pen chisel.

wood turning supplies

Perhaps a puzzling material that is used for both said hobbies or in some cases businesses, is CA glue. This is a shortened version of its proper name cyanoacrylate glue. Typically, CA glue is often associated with repairing objects through bonding objects. However, in pen turning and wood turning, CA glue serves a more versatile purpose. In addition to filling cracks and stabilizing punky wood, CA glue is used wooden finishes. The purpose of applying it as a finishing agent is that the CA glue becomes a hard waterproof sealant. The glue dries crystal clear with a beautiful high gloss finish.

CA glue most notably comes in bottles with cone-shaped applicator nozzles. When applied carefully, applicator nozzles dispense the glue in perfect amounts. However, this is not always practical for beginners. In addition, when the nozzle isn't well maintained and cleaned after each use, the nozzle becomes crusty with old dried glue which can cause a blockage. This is when CA glue applicator tips come in handy. These micro applicator tips allow an even smaller amount of glue to be dispensed with each squeeze. This is great for precision work in woodturning inlays and for filling hairline fractures in wood. CA glue applicators generally come in a disposable form, but are easily salvageable by leaving them in a jar of acetone for a few hours. This will unclog used applicator tips for repeated use.

Another reason the CA glue applicators are so useful in pen turning and wood turning is because of the variable sizes they are available in. If a wood tuner is making a spindle for a porch, he or she would clearly need an applicator with a bigger output nozzle than what would be required for a pen. Add to the fact that many of these talented crafters make things with small details or intricate lines and carvings. By using a large CA glue applicator, it might not get into the small crevices before it dries and hardens. Therefore, an applicator with a small nozzle would be much more useful in this situation, guaranteeing more precise covering of the glue. CA glue comes in different viscosities. It is a good idea to match the viscosity of the glue to the applicator for the best results.