CA Glue for Archery Inserts

In any hunting or shooting sport, the missile is one of the most important elements. What you are launching towards a target is the point of the activity. With guns it is the bullet fired from the barrel. In archery it is the arrow sped to the target from a bow or crossbow. When the missile does not hit the target as planned, there are two possible reasons: The skill of the archer or shooter, or the quality of the missile launched.


Arrows,the missiles in archery, are precision instruments. Common elements must be present in order for the arrow to perform as intended. The shaft must be straight and well balanced, the fletching must be properly aligned and installed, the nocks and point inserts must be securely fastened.

Arrow fletching has to be bonded to the shaft with a thin line of lightweight, but very strong glue, so that the arrow flies true to the target. Both the shaft and the fletching material are flexible, so the bonding glue must also be flexible and retain that flexibility for the lifetime of the fletching. Worn fletching is easily replaced by the use of a debonder, cleaning the shaft, and then installing new fletching with a thin line of CA adhesive.

At the other end of the arrow, the insert for the point needs to be fastened to the shaft securely so that the arrowhead is properly aligned with the arrow shaft and arrow fletching. The bonding material must be able to handle the high impact of striking the intended game or target. Anything other than these two considerations will mean that the arrow will not follow along the aiming point.

Choosing Your Flexible CA Glue

Cyanoacrylate glues are the preferred medium for fastening dissimilar materials in a secure and instant bond. CA glue is at the top of the list of archery supplies because it is used for bonding arrow fletching, arrow inserts, and arrow shafts. With all of the properties needed: strong bond, flexibility, impact resistance and longevity, it is the ideal choice among archers.

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