CA glue for Ballet Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes are expensive and they don’t last. Ballet dancers’ especially professional ones wear them out sooner than they can replace them. Everybody with these shoes would want them to last longer than they actually do because they cost a lot. The only way to maintain the shoes dignity and have them last long is by fixing the shoes with glue. If your shoes are worn out, you do not have to worry about replacing the shoes because with the right glue, you can have them back as good and functional as new shoes. Not all glue will give you the desired result but cyanoacrylate glue will definitely do.

ballet pointe shoes

If you have a pointe then you should have glue with you in your bag. These shoes may wear out at any time. Replacing the pair may cost you more than a hundred dollars. A glue that is portable, easy to use, and one that can fix the shoes back to function within a short time is necessary. Moreover, the glue should be reliable in restoring if not improving the shoes to its initial condition.

Why Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for Your Shoes

It is Super Glue

Pointe shoes are put through extensive stress. Nevertheless, they come in a particular design that is deliberately intended to ensure they adopt the shape of the feet and allow the dancers to perform their dances. What you need for this situation is glue that holds. The glue is commonly known as crazy or super glue because of its main component acrylic monomer that changes to plastic on curing. The plastic holds permanently.

It is an Instant Adhesive

CA glue is a unique glue. It is a permanent glue that sticks immediately. You can have your shoes back to functioning a few minutes after they are torn by having them fixed with this glue. The glue curing process is fast and effective. This means that it sticks immediately when it is applied. However, you must ensure that the surface is moist. You need to wet both surfaces that are to be glued for the glue to be effective.

Ideal Curing for Holding Shoes

The curing for the main component, which is cyanoacrylate, requires moisture. With a little moisture and ambient temperatures, the glue will cure instantly and hold the materials together. Strong glue can withhold the stress that these shoes are put through. CA glue is the glue for this purpose.

What You Should Know About CA Glue

You should always handle the glue with care. Make sure that you apply the glue strictly to the places that should be fixed. Any spillage on your finger or any other surface should be corrected immediately before it sticks otherwise removing it will be a problem.

Your friend that will not only save you money but also restore your expensive shoes is CA glue. The glue has all the properties that you would want in a product that will maintain your shoes in the right state. There are many other glues in the market but none fits the best description for use with pointe shoes.