How to Use Starbond Super Glue Accelerator

Super glue is a widely popular item when it comes to repairing things or crafting new items. The reason for the rise in popularity of super glue is because of its fast-drying properties. When it comes to arts and crafts, repairs, or just bonding two things together, super glue is your one-stop shop. What makes super glue so great is its incredible bonding strength and waterproof abilities. It is highly durable and can take on the toughest of conditions.

super glue accelerator

Starbond is a high-performance instant adhesive company that sells premium super glues. We carry a wide selection of adhesives with many different viscosities, sizes, and colors. The thin, medium, and thick super glues have a unique semi-flexible formula and have different bonding times. Of course, the thicker the glue, the longer it takes to bond. These standard-line of super glues have a guaranteed 30-month shelf life when you keep them stored in a refrigerator, freezer, or under 40°F. Visit our website at to order or call us at our friendly customer service at 1-800-900-GLUE (4583) for more questions and answers.

This instant adhesive can be used for shoe repair, hobby model building, 3D printing, woodturning, and stone repair. These are just to name a few. Super glue goes way beyond the list just previously mentioned. We can go on about how super glue is the most amazing invention since sliced bread but we’ll stop right here for moment. What happens when you want your super glue to instantly cure right then and there?

Well the answer is quite simple. Use super glue accelerator. This super glue activator spray will instantly cure the glue in no time at all. This means that there is no wait time so you can build or repair at a faster rate. Check out our Starbond Accelerator at our website at Our Starbond Accelerator comes in a pump spray or an aerosol spray form, which also comes in many different sizes. Accelerating the speed time of the glue’s cure can be new to some people, so here is a break down on the many different ways you can use our Starbond Accelerator properly and efficiently. It’s quite simple and it will leave you breathless at the results.

Things You Need to Know Before Use

  • Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area
  • Wear the proper safety equipment such as a respirator mask and pair of eye goggles (this is just for added precaution)
  • Wear a pair of polyethylene or polypropylene gloves (these specialty gloves won’t stick on the super glue)
  • Have a clean and large surface area to work on such as a work table (make sure to have some sheets of newspaper or layer of cardboard to protect the surface you’re working on)
  • Below will be two different methods on how you can use super glue accelerator for different type of job applications. All three methods are quite easy to do.

Using Starbond Accelerator for Bonding Applications

When it comes to bonding applications, make sure the two parts that are being bonded together are clean and dry. The surface needs to be clean and dry so the super glue can bond more efficiently. Dirt or dust can hinder the super glue’s maximum performance. Depending on the surface area, there are various cleaners you can use. Regular rubbing alcohol can work perfectly fine on most surfaces. Once the area is completely clean and dry, you can start the gluing process.

For bonding applications, you can spray the super glue accelerator onto one side. Whichever method of spray you use, spray the accelerator sparingly. Make sure to not spray too much or drown the area with the accelerant. This can cause a “blooming effect” which can turn the surface “frosty” or white in color. After spraying the accelerator, apply your super glue on the opposing side. Remember when it comes to bonding, thicker super glues work best. Then hold the two-opposing surface together for just a few seconds and voila! The two surfaces are now instantly bonded together and have fully cured. You don’t have to wait a day and you can use that newly repaired item right away!

Using Starbond Accelerator for Filling Cracks and Inlays

When it comes to filling areas with super glue such as cracks or voids, you want to spray the super glue accelerator after you have applied the glue.

For instance, let’s say you have a crack or chip on top of your wooden coffee table. First, clean the area and then let it dry. Fill in the void with super glue. For larger voids, you want to use a thicker super glue. Try our Starbond Premium “Gap Filler Thick” Super Glue. This can fill up larger gaps with ease. Once the area is filled with the glue, then spray is with Starbond Accelerator. Make sure to fill up the entire void with the glue. It’s fine if it overfills a bit, you can always sand it after you spray it with the super glue accelerator. Presto! Your wooden coffee table is as good as new!

Note: Spraying accelerator is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Spray the accelerator.
  2. Apply the glue.
  3. Hold together.

This works for many different types of materials. Be aware that too much accelerator can cause your surfaces to turn white. Super glue accelerators have acetone in them and are extremely flammable. Please use with caution.