Repairing RC Helicopters with Superglue

Remote controlled helicopters (RC helicopters) have become quite popular alongside drones and while flying them can be fun, they are not immune to breakdowns, chipping and various damages. When you need to repair your RC helicopter following a fall, or simply need to attach the tailpieces, the common advice you will get is epoxy glue otherwise you need new custom parts. However, epoxy glue can be quite bulky and this will definitely interfere with your flight experience. What’s more, you need to wait for a few minutes for the adhesive to attach the parts thus heightening the keenness required to perfectly fit the parts back together. Fortunately, you can simply use super glue as an instant adhesive.

rc helicopter

Benefits of Using Super Glue

Your remote control helicopter is designed to sustain the original weight and any additional glue weight will disrupt the flight from time to time especially with regards to balance. Some RC helicopters arrive only 80% or 90% assembled which means you need to fit in the back wing and tailpieces on your own. Super glue offers the following advantages;

• Instant bond – unlike other glues such as epoxy and gorilla, super glue acts as an instant adhesive that immediately bonds the parts to the RC helicopter. This is very convenient especially if you need to make prompt repairs between flying. It literally takes less than 20 seconds to strongly attach parts together.

• Lightweight – as aforementioned, using other glues can add to the weight of your remote control helicopter resulting in imbalance and also tarnishing the aesthetic appeal as the attached parts protrude. Superglue is quite light and does not result in an obviously visible difference when applied correctly. Simply make sure you only apply on the surfaces that will bond together.

• Effectiveness -super glue is super effective especially for plastic materials textile. The parts of most RC helicopters are made of compacted plastic and will bond tightly with super glue. Compared to other types of glue, there probably none that is more efficient in bonding plastic to plastic. It is also durable and does not wear out or break off easily despite exposure to various elements.

• Easily available – super glue is not only easy to use, but also easily available as it can be found in almost any hardware you visit. It is versatile glue that exists in several stores including supermarkets.

There are several other benefits of using super glue to repair your RC helicopter, but most revolve around the above categories. However, not all super glues in the market are recommendable.

There are a few things that will determine what kind of bond you need as you do not want weak bonds for your engines. When looking for RC helicopter repair super glue, go for foam-safe options since the regular glue will melt away most foams and you do not want to use such on helicopters.

Super Glue is the Better Option

Epoxy glue is the recommended option for remote control helicopters, but super glue can also work just as well albeit faster. Shipping epoxy glue may also require additional fees. It is recommendable to purchase from credible licensed distributors that can guarantee top quality super glue from the manufacturer.