Super Glue in Bowling

Bowling ball finger holes are made to fit standard size fingers and this may not fit majority of the bowlers’ fingers. As a result, the ball will keep sliding off making it difficult for one to play using the bowling ball. This is why bowling balls creators create bowling ball finger inserts which are grips put in the bowling ball finger holes and help the ball fit someone’s fingers better. Super glue is used as an adhesive to hold the bowling ball inserts in place.

bowling ball

Some bowling balls come with their own bowling finger inserts and specialty glue that is part of the whole package. This glue works well with any finger inserts and can also be found in bowling shops. They can however be quite costly.

The easiest and cheapest way however of sticking a bowling finger insert is using ca glue, a fast acting adhesive that sticks really well and lasts long. Most bowlers settle for letting a professional do this for them, however it is easy to do it yourself and of course less costly. One can also adjust the bowling finger inserts to fit them exactly how they like it and this may not be possible if you let a professional do it for you.

Applying Bowling Inserts with CA Glue

The procedure is simple. All you need is CA glue and a flat head screw driver. The next important thing is to position the grip in the ball, keep inserting your fingers to make sure they feel right on you. Once the bowling ball finger insert feels right take the flat head screw driver and on the side of the grip that is next to the bridge, open up using the screw driver and power in a reasonable amount of glue. Use your finger to press the finger insert on the finger hole walls. Repeat this procedure on all the four sides and on the other finger hole. The bowling ball insert will be stuck and ready to use within less than a minute.

While doing this you should be careful not to let the glue pour out of the finger holes, this can leave a mark on the ball that will not look pretty. It should also not touch your fingers as it could cause irritation or injury.

The finger inserts may get old and may therefore need replacing. Removing it is also equally easy, all you need this time is a flat headed screw driver. The screw driver is inserted in the space between the bowling ball insert and the bowling ball and while exerting pressure moved around. Once all the glue is removed the bowling ball finger inserts will come off easily.

The ca glue is a cheap but very effective glue that saves you a lot of money and time taking the bowling ball to a pro shop to have the bowling ball inserts inserted for you. Don’t allow yourself miss a game because you don’t have your bowling finger inserts in your ball when you can do it by yourself in less than 5 minutes.