Using Black CA Glue On Spalted Wood

Working with spalted wood is uniquely challenging. First of all, some people consider it dangerous and toxic due to the slight rotting it has undergone. But those who can see beyond these obvious "shortcomings" generally appreciate the unusual aesthetic beauty it has to offer.

ca glue

But spalted wood also requires the use of special supplies. That is why you should consider adding black CA glue in your woodturning supplies to use on spalted wood.

Usually, this glue is used on dark types of wood, for instance, ebony. However, spalted wood also offers woodworkers a great opportunity to create masterpieces using this special kind of adhesive.

Spalted wood can have many shades in the rotten areas, black is one of the most common patterns that appears. These black lines go well with black CA wood glue. Therefore, in this case, black glue does not seem strange or out of place as it would be the case when used on plain, brightly-colored wood.

Since the fungal decay can weaken the wood if it is too far gone, its worth to consider the use a black cyanoacrylate adhesive glue to boost its structural integrity. The black CA glue provides the added structural strength this type of wood sometimes needs after the decay caused by the fungi.

Therefore, no extra products are usually needed to make the spalted wood stronger before working on it using black CA wood glue. Another good thing about black CA glue is that it does not seep into the wood and hence ruining its appearance.

That said, if you do use an epoxy to make the wood stronger, use a product that does not affect the adhesive abilities of the wood. Otherwise, the black instant adhesive might not bond with the wood as strongly as you would expect.

But generally speaking, the process of strengthening spalted wood is not an issue if you pick the right kind of wood to begin with. For instance, hard maple makes perfect spalted wood. Due to its hardness, the slight decay does not compromise its physical strength. With such woods, the dark decay patterns are also usually quite beautiful.

Using black CA glue on spalted wood has other benefits as well. First of all, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of these wooden pieces since it can accent the natural design patterns the fungi creates.

After use, the glue is also easy to sand down, producing a high quality polished gloss that will help enhance the appeal of the spalted wood. As mentioned earlier, the glue can double up as a filler in cases where the rot has caused areas of softness in the spalted wood.

Finally, the glue usually creates very strong bonds that make it suitable for a broad range of uses, such as making guitars. Black CA glue is also excellent for accessorizing the spalted wood using gemstones, metal, plastic, rubber and other materials. This is why using black CA glue on spalted wood is such a brilliant idea.