What CA Glue to Use When Segmenting

Woodwork and specifically woodturning has gained ground in the current world. People are engaging in this craft either for commercial purposes or just as a hobby and amazingly producing wonderful pieces. Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a pro, the first step is always having the necessary woodturning supplies close by. In the list of your requirements, there is one item that should never miss and this is ca glue. To be precise, if you are segmenting wood, thin ca glue is of utmost importance for certain reasons.

wood segmenting

For starters you need an adhesive that is both durable and strong. Remember you are joining pieces of wood to come up with a lovely finished product. Anytime you are joining two or more pieces together, each joint is basically a point of weakness and the adhesive you use must be considered wisely. You don't want your hard work to crumble due to a certain substandard adhesive. Thin ca is a strong adhesive which ensures that each joint is held together immediately and will last for a long time. With the correct application and amount, your piece will be closely knit.

What about the quick drying aspect? This is a very important aspect of any adhesive especially if you are constrained in terms of time. With cyanoacrylate adhesive, drying is much faster. However, it depends on the type of viscosity you get. The thicker viscosity takes a minute or two while the thin viscosity forms an instant bond. This is very important especially with segmenting in woodturning. Depending on the design, you may be joining several pieces and it can be inconvenient waiting longer with each bond. The thin ca glue dries faster enabling you to join more pieces in a much shorter time. This ultimately ensures that your project will take less time to complete.

With woodwork, sometimes you can be working with wet or dry wood. These two options have different pros and cons depending on the type of project you are working on. The biggest relief is, irrespective of whether you are working with wet or dry wood, the thin ca glue will work perfectly. Your wood will be joined together firmly in a matter of seconds.

There is, however, one point to take note of. Thin CA glue dries much faster when exposed to air and therefore, how to handle it is very important. Anytime you are not using it, make sure that the lid is in place. During usage, do not let excess glue settle at the nozzle, it can make the application messy if not difficult.

Conclusively, if you are doing segmenting in woodturning, the first item on your checklist when you visit a woodturning supplies store should be thin CA glue. This will provide great outcomes to your project . Make sure to read the safety guidelines when using ca glue.