1. How to Inlay Mother of Pearl With CA Glue

    In this article, I'm going to show you a couple ways to do some creative stuff with CA glues and also few tips for making your CA last longer. Let's get started.

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  2. Inlay Padauk Wood Dust With CA Glue

    Today's product that I'll be showing you is the Starbond Super Fast Thin EM-02. One of the great benefits of Starbond CA glues is the ability to adapt with interesting neat little patterns.

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  3. Woodturning CA Finish On The Lathe

    Today's product that I'll be showing you is the Starbond Super Fast Thin EM-02. You can use this glue for a neat little trick on making lathe applied finish.

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  4. Super Glue and Baking Soda Trick to Repair Plastic Popsicle Mold

    We have another neat little trick on using Starbond glues. Maybe you've seen this method before but it works with all CA glues. I have here a popsicle mold. I've got it fresh from the store and there was a hole right where the mold have been ejected the plastic.

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  5. Guitar Inlay with CA Glue

    guitar inlay

    Customize your guitar using ca glue. A simple guitar inlay will make your guitar unique and personal.

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  6. How Starbond CA Glue Changed My Woodworking Experience


    I don’t know where, but from somewhere during my growing up years I had developed the misconceived notion that Superglue or CA glue was only for quick fixes that didn’t need to be counted on for high tensile strength or resistance to shock loads. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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  7. CA Glue: The Quick Fix To My Eucalyptus Bowl

    woodturning supplies

    I immediately turned off the lathe to see an ever-so-small piece of the bark live edge rim was missing from my almost perfect bowl. Now, to many woodworkers this might seem like an obvious job for cyanoacrylate glue and truth be told it is just that, but please realize that not all us woodworkers have equal experience or exposure to the same excellent quality and great selection provided for you by such companies as Starbond.

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  8. CA Glue for Ivory Fossils

    ivory fossils

    Ca glue is great to stabilize all types of fossils including ivory ones. Learn the advantages ca glue can provide in your ivory work.

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  9. Stabilizing Dinosaur Bones with CA Glue

    dinosaur bones

    Cyanoacrylate glue can be a handy tool for either field or lab work. This quick setting, strong adhesive is great when working with fossil stabilization.

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  10. Using CA Glue to Stabilize Wood

    wood stabilizing

    Being able to stabilize wood is a key thing to wood working. Ca glue is here to make your job easier when performing this technique.

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