We have another neat little trick on using Starbond glues. Maybe you've seen this method before but it works with all CA glues. I have here a popsicle mold. I've got it fresh from the store and there was a hole right where the mold have been ejected the plastic. No problem. I'm going to show you how to fix this using a baking soda and Starbond Superglue. Now, this would work with any super glue as I said but it would work best with the medium one due to its higher viscosity. If you use a thin super glue, you might actually have it penetrating into the mold before you could have a complete bonding reaction. What the baking soda does is to act as a catalyst instantly hardening the superglue into its plastic form upon contact. This plug holes, seals gaps, and it has high durability. So using the medium glue, apply just a tiny little dab right at the end of the holes. Add a baking soda and make the surface intact by slightly pressing on it using a cloth or any material you prefer. Wait for a few seconds to dry. Then all done! You may want to test your plastic for leakage by pouring water in it.