1. Using Black CA Glue on Spalted Wood

    wood glue

    Use black ca glue when working on spalted wood. No need to worry about the color black ca blends in well with the wood.

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  2. Why Use CA Glue for Shoe Repair?

    shoe repair

    So you've worn your shoes over and over and now they are worn out. No need to throw them away with super glue you can easily repair them.

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  3. CA Glue for Archery Inserts

    archery inserts

    Use flexible CA glue for your arrow inserts. Arrows need to be flexible which makes this glues perfect for this due to it's flexible feature and long lasting capability.

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  4. Glue Brass Tubes into Pen Blanks with CA Glue

    pen blanks

    Let's show you how to glue in brass tubes in pen blanks using medium CA glue. Just follow this easy guide and you should be able to do it straight from your home.

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  5. Super Glue in bowling

    bowling ball inserts

    Bowlers know bowling balls can sometimes slip from their hands and that is biggest the holes are too big. Don't waste time and money by going to a professional to apply your bowling inserts. With the help of super glue you can easily apply them yourself.

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  6. Benefits of CA Glue in Lapidary


    In order to get the best result one must use the best materials when creating their work of art. CA glue is use in lapidary so why not use the best super glue in the market.

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  7. The Importance of Using Flexible CA in Pen Making

    pen turning

    Flexible CA Glue can be a great tool when you're doing pen turning. Flexible super glue allows you to controls the glue easily and this blog will tell you the importance of having a flexible glue at hand.

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  8. Gem Dopping with CA Glue

    gemstone lapidary

    Find out how CA glue can be use for dopping your favorite gems with this quick blog/how to tutorial.

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  9. Fixing Your Household Items with Super Glue

    cyanoacrylate adhesive

    Accidents happen around the house,maybe you were cleaning and something fell or a family misplaced something. Maybe it was your favorite vase or your family potrait. No need to panic and throw away all those pieces, you can easily put the back together using CA glue.

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  10. Applications of Starbond Medium CA Glue

    cyanoacrylate adhesive

    It is always recommended to have a bottle of Starbond Multi-Purpose CA Glue because you never know when it can come in handy. This glue can be use in a variety of ways and most conveniently it can help you fix most household items.

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